Fall 2004 Issue

Gold Mine Hotel:

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Fall 2004 Issue

Gold Mine Hotel

Our Fall 2004 issue features the Gold Mine Hotel. Originally established in Nevada in the 1800s and currently slated for reopening later this year, the stories of hauntings and woe at the hotel have increased over the years to the degree where Stranger than Fiction is ready to crown it America's Most Haunted Hotel!

Join Fiona Steward as she realizes her dream of becoming a wealthy gold prospector's wife has turned into a nightmare. See just how high the stakes of poker can get in Ante Up. Find out what a jealous bride is up to in Room 107. And find out why some employees of the Gold Mine Hotel have a bad case of Insomnia.


Near to the Hotel is the ironically-named Devil's Gate Mine, site of heavy gold mining activity in the 1800s. The area is riddled with mines; some said they are all inter-connected and you can walk all the way from Carson City past Gold Hill without ever having to go outside. While this is likely exaggeration, it could be that the Gold Mine Hotel is on top of the same mine that's under Devil's Gate. (Click for larger image.)

In addition to the "known" spirits haunting the Gold Mine Hotel, there are many non-specific occurrences on a daily basis. There are cold spots, pictures constantly fall off of walls and dishes from shelves. The electronic equipment of the hotel behaves erratically, and the cameras and video equipment of guests often don't work correctly, despite new batteries or connecting right to an electrical outlet. The dining room, which used to be the saloon, still boasts the original mirrored bar, and some visitors have reported seeing the image of a man carrying a baby.

Hanging in the foyer is a grandiose crystal chandelier. During a prior overhaul of the hotel, one of the former owners found that every time he would switch it off before exiting the building, it would be on again by the time he got to his car. It happened night after night, even though he was the last person to leave the hotel. Because they were in the middle of restoration he attributed the problem to faulty wiring. The electricians could find nothing to account for the light turning on by itself, and now they just leave it on all the time.

Also in this issue, find out just what's so funny about one journalist's tomb in Not Your Average Magic Lamp. Discover what one Mason initiate did about The Price of Belonging. Find out more about trepanation in Hole in One. Be sure to save your yen - smart Japanese kids are all going to be asking for a Dream Machine for Christmas this year. Finally, read a tale of a family reunion of a different sort as an Indian boy says, "Hi, Dad, I'm Home".

Every year, North American children spend almost a half billion dollars on chewing gum!


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